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Wurth Revcar Fasteners, Inc. is your one - stop - shop for military fasteners. We stock all types of bolts including hex bolts, structural bolts, socket head volts, fitted bolts and square head bolts. In addition to mil-spec fasteners, we offer bolts to all Navy specifications and federal specifications.  We also can supply standard or modified bolts for patch, pellet, etc. If you need a part made to print, Wurth Revcar Fasteners has you covered as well.

Bolt Types
Wurth Revcar Fasteners, Inc. is proud to supply and stock all types of bolts:
 Hex bolts
 Heavy hex bolts
 Heavy hex structural bolts
 Shoulder bolts
 12 point flange screws / bolts
 Socket head bolts
 Fitted bolts
 Hex head and square head Lag bolts
 Square head bolts
 Made to print bolts
 Standard or modified for patch, pellet, etc.

Navy, Military & Federal Specifications:
Grades & Materials: