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Hex Bolts - Revcar Military
Bolts - Revcar Military
Single End Studs - Revcar Military
Screws - military fasteners
Pins - military fasteners
Rods - military fasteners
Hex Nuts - military fasteners
Locknuts - military fasteners
Self Locking Nuts
Sockets - military fasteners
Button Head Socket Cap Screw
Socket Head Cap Screws
Socket Set Screws
Socket Shoulder Screws
Spline Drive Socket Head Cap Screws
Studs - military fasteners
Square Nuts - military fasteners
Superbolt & multi jack tensioners
Hex Head Cap Screws - mil spec
Fully Threaded Studs
Weld Studs - military fasteners
Double Ended Studs - military
Lock Washers - military fasteners
Countersunk Lock Washers
External Tooth Lock Washers
Internal Tooth Lock Washer
Flat Washers - military fasteners
Tap End Studs - military fasteners
Pins - Revcar Military
Cotter Pins - Revcar Military
Dowel Pins - Revcar Military
Quick Release Pins - Revcar
Roll Pins - military fasteners
Tapered Pins - Military Fasteners
Blind Rivets - Military Fasteners
Monel HexCap Screws
Monel Flat Washers

Pins - military spec fasteners

Wurth Revcar Fasteners, Inc. is a full service fastener distributor supplying standard, mil-spec, and specialty fasteners. We are proud to supply our military customers with a variety of pins including dowel pins, straight pins, spring pins, split roll pins, tapered pins, cotter pins, and hitch pins. In addition to standard, Navy, federal, and military specifications, we can provide parts that are made to print. Various military fastener materials including Monelฎ, stainless steel, and bronzes are available.

Pin Types
• Dowel pins
• Straight pins
• Spring pins
• Split Roll pins (spirol type)
• Tapered pins (plain, externally threaded and internally threaded)
• Cotter pins
• Hitch pins
• Made to print pins
• Standard or modified

Navy, Military & Federal Specifications:
• All

Grades & Materials:
• Various

Pins - military fasteners

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