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Hex Bolts - Revcar Military
Bolts - Revcar Military
Single End Studs - Revcar Military
Screws - military fasteners
Pins - military fasteners
Rods - military fasteners
Hex Nuts - military fasteners
Locknuts - military fasteners
Self Locking Nuts
Sockets - military fasteners
Button Head Socket Cap Screw
Socket Head Cap Screws
Socket Set Screws
Socket Shoulder Screws
Spline Drive Socket Head Cap Screws
Studs - military fasteners
Square Nuts - military fasteners
Superbolt & multi jack tensioners
Hex Head Cap Screws - mil spec
Fully Threaded Studs
Weld Studs - military fasteners
Double Ended Studs - military
Lock Washers - military fasteners
Countersunk Lock Washers
External Tooth Lock Washers
Internal Tooth Lock Washer
Flat Washers - military fasteners
Tap End Studs - military fasteners
Pins - Revcar Military
Cotter Pins - Revcar Military
Dowel Pins - Revcar Military
Quick Release Pins - Revcar
Roll Pins - military fasteners
Tapered Pins - Military Fasteners
Blind Rivets - Military Fasteners
Monel HexCap Screws
Monel Flat Washers

Rods military spec fasteners

Wurth Revcar Fasteners, Inc. is proud to provide many Naval, military, and commercial customers with standard, mil-spec, and specialty fasteners. Rods are just one of the many types of fasteners we supply. Some of the rod types we offer include: coarse, fine and ACME threaded rod; left and right hand threaded rod; as well as standard or modified rods. We can also provide rod that’s made to your print specifications. We offer fasteners made to all Navy, federal and military specifications.

Rod Types
• Threaded rod (coarse, fine and ACME)
• Left and right hand threads
• Made to print rod
• Standard or modified

Navy, Military & Federal Specifications:
• All

Grades & Materials:
• Various

Rods - military fasteners

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